About Us

Adding Value


We are able to audit and to build a proposal as expected development having international strategy and channel-commercial excellence in our DNA. We also know the right people to help our clients towards specific projects.



We are the only services company as B2B consulting in the electrical manterial business with a wide International capability and extensive expertise about global markets... Manufacturer and Distribution perspectives are also in our added values



More than twenty years of experience in the electrical material industry being our international services company able to look at it as end user as well as wholesaler. Expansio has offices in Geneva-CH and São Paulo-BR.

Our Services



The world id becoming digital and automotized driven, however business and decisons are made and taken by people.

We are able to put you in contact with the right people at the right place at the right time...



It doesn't matter the product & technology you are looking for, we are able to map and to approach the selected suppliers which match your requirements the best.

After approaching them for you, we will be facilitating the full process in terms of partnership & supply-chain.


Operational support

A full support in terms of operational implementation, follow-up and management. Years of experience on the field made us capable to provide you the best in class in terms of market and clientes development. To be on the field is a passion for us.

Our unique expertise


Electrical Material

Market with an extensive range in terms of technology and driven by digital, giant manufacturers as brands (ABB, EATON, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, LEGRAND...) and a very fragmented distribution channel.

To support our partners to find to best path to build a sucess is our knowledge and passion.


European Markets

How to enter, to build a sucess and to handle it in a complex market? that is a key question in Europe where there are many countries with many local legislations, cultures and price-cost levels.

Our know-how came from a long term experience and our method came from learning everyday to be able to share success cases supportting then partners.


Brazil's market

Economic instability, size, population, tax laws, political system, cosmopolitan culture, labor laws as interrogation but economic potential, resources, digital and people as affirmation. We are able to serve you to solve this equation to reach success with profitability.